The Verdict on Tailored Clothing

When you explore shirts on the rack to find the best fitting for yourself, you have different measurements to choose from. These measurements are based off standard sizes, meaning that if your neck size happens to be 16 your chest size and the rest of the fitting will also be determined by that neck size. This is usually the dilemma with pre-made shirts. Their fittings are calculated based on the majority of body types, due to which it becomes difficult for the minority to find the right fit for themselves. 

This is why many turn to handcrafted shirts that guarantee the finest fit. Tailored shirts are made from scratch. Tailoring is an art that creates proper fittings aimed to complement the body in a flattering way. Tailors hold expertise in crafting suit jackets, trousers, and shirts creating attires that you can wear with confidence. 

Sites such as The TAILORS’ KEEP site, which sells custom men’s clothing, features images regardless of screen size and aim at drastically improving your outfit by focusing on the accurate measuring of the torso, collar size, shirt length, sleeves and cuffs, pocket, shoulder, button spacing, armhole, inseam, length, waistband, short rise etc. Custom tailors provide a high-end quality that is way better than the quality of store bought shirts. With off the rack shirts quality is mostly compromised as the priority is cost-effective mass production. So, if you plan on keeping an item for a while or wearing it a lot, tailoring is your best bet. 

Shirts are the focal point of any outfit; they can also be paired with other pants and jackets. It is most advisable to get tailored shirts to demonstrate the true art of perfect fittings. The goal at the heart of custom-made clothing is to craft clothes well-adjusted to your personal measurements while at the same time ensure ease and comfort. 

While getting clothes tailored, you also get to know your body type and learn which settings accentuate it. The site gives you a glimpse into the world of elegant and unique styles that cater to your preferences and a quirky sense of style. 

The benefits of wearing custom-made clothes are endless. Since off the rack clothes aren’t afforded the same level of scrutiny into every detail, they don’t possess the perks of customized clothing. Tailors value precision and can also offer to make adjustments on the spot if any inconsistencies arise. Their attention to detail includes adhering to the right number of stitches per inch. This technique makes the fabric durable. With made to measure clothing you also get to select the fabrics you are most comfortable with (cotton, wool, artificial fibers, blended natural fibers, silk). 

You no longer have to dread occasions where you have to sacrifice your comfort to look formal and presentable. You can now design your own formal clothing in which the fabric is as comfortable as you desire. 

Depending on the climate of where you live, you can choose warmer and heavier fabric or choose a very light fabric that doesn’t trap heat or make you sweat profusely. Your comfort is the main priority.

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