The Omega OM-510 Prestigio Massage Chair

The Omega OM-510 Prestigio Massage Chair

The Omega OM 510 is the midrange model from the Omega massage line. This massage recliner combines striking elegance with effective massage therapy. The Prestigio massage chair is a full body massage lounger. It has vigorous massage programs to penetrate deeply and relieve tight and sore muscles. If you are looking for a solid midrange massage recliner, then the OM 510 Prestigio massage chair may be perfect for you.

The first thing you notice about the procedure massage recliner is its elegant design. The OM 510 comes with beautifully varnished wood armrest. A designer side table is thrown into match the wood armrest. This complements the decor of many rooms.

There are three timed automatic massage programs. Each of these programs runs the full capabilities of the massage recliner. The automatic programs provide invigorating and deeply penetrating massage treatments.

One particular area that we enjoyed was the lower reach of the massage chair. The massage chair penetrates the lumbar very effectively. Most massage chairs do not seem to get as low in the back as the Prestigio massage chair.

There are also four manual massage techniques. You will find rolling, kneading, tapping and the combination kneading and tapping. The kneading massage is very effective and loosens up tight muscles very well. The tapping is also very invigorating. The motors used to drive the kneading and tapping are very strong and effective.

You may also choose from four manual massage courses. The manual massage courses enable you to select a given region of your back. You can choose from lower back, middle back, upper back and also a point massage.

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The Prestigio massage chair also comes with an air massage system. An air compressor is located beneath the seat. The air compressor works with customized airbags designed to provide relief to different parts of the body.

The air massage may also be switched to manual mode. In manual mode, you can select to focus the air massage on a given area. For instance, you can select to just have your feet massage. The massage chair will then provide a soothing and relieving compression massage for the feet.

Omega massage introduced a gentle knee stretch with the Prestigio massage chair. This massage recliner will slightly move the leg rest to provide a stretching of the knee area. This helps to relieve tension and to elongate the muscles and tendons around the knee area.

Another soothing feature integrated into the OM 510 massage chair is a vibration massage. The vibration massage is located on the roller mechanism. You may add vibration to the general massage when it is in manual mode. The vibration helps to soothe and relax tight muscles while receiving a massage.

The OM 510 massage recliner has power recline and leg rest. Just hold the recline button and the chair back will recline while the leg rest comes up. You can push automatic reset at any time during the automatic massages.

The Omega 510 massage chair is a great value in the midrange priced here. This massage recliner will provide years of thorough invigoration. In fact, Omega includes extra back pads to soften the massage therapy. This is done so that as you build up resistance to the massage, you may remove pads to provide greater penetration. The Omega OM 510 this Prestigio massage recliner deserves your attention in the midrange market.

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