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Top 10 Reasons to Use Home Shopping Catalogues

Online catalogue shopping. 10 reasons why you should shop from home with one of the big names in home catalogue shopping:
1) Spread your payments
If you’ve got things you need now, but need to spread the payment for, using a catalogue is the answer. Spreading the payments can be the way for you to get what you want, now.
2) Buy now, pay next year
Got things you need now? But no money – buy the things you need from one of the big home catalogue shopping companies(like , Littlewoods and Marshall Ward) and not have to pay a penny until next year.
3) Shop in comfort
No need to face the crowds on the high street anymore; you can order your goods without leaving the comfort of your own home.
4) Delivery to your door
All purchases are delivered to your door, so no need to try and squeeze your new TV into the back of your car.
5) Bigger choice
Catalogues have a huge selection of products to choose from. From a designer pair of shows, too a flat screen TV; shopping online from a catalogue has the products for you.
6) Get the size you want
Because of the large stock catalogue companies are able to hold, you are sure to find your garment in size you are looking for.
7) Big brands
Choose from all your favourite designer clothes in one place : Bench, Miss Selfridge, Diesel, Miss Sixty, Levis, Firetrap, Henleys, etc- catalogue shopping really does have it all.
8) Great customer service
When making a purchase from a home shopping catalogue, you can be sure of a great customer service should you need any assistance.
9) The reassurance of using a well established company
Choose a company like , Littlewoods and Marshall Ward for your catalogue shopping, and you know who you are dealing with.
10) Don’t like it after all, just return it
If you’ve made a purchase from an online catalogue, and decide it’s not what you want, return back to the catalogue for an exchange, or a full refund.…

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3 Reasons to Have an Online Shop

You have had a shop on the high street for years, and it does well. You have a website that advertises your shop, what more do you need? The answer is simple. Why don’t you sell your products online as well? It is easier than you think.

3 reasons to have an online shop.

1. You can sell more products.

You are no longer selling just to people who go shopping on the high street. Either people who come specifically to your shop, or browsers who pop in for a look around. Now the world is your customer!

2. You can sell to people who are too far away to travel to your shop.

If you can ship to other regions or countries – do so. If you are based in Connecticut and someone wants to buy your product, but they live in Seattle; you don’t want to lose them as a customer due to geography.

3. You can sell to people who cannot get to your shop.

Do the elderly use or need your product. So called silver surfers are a huge growth area of online users. What about people with disabilities. This group of people have millions of dollars worth of spending power. Can you afford not to sell to them in any way you can? What about Moms at home with the kids? They can find it difficult to spare the time to come to your shop, but buy something online can take seconds. Don’t let they buy somewhere else.

Your ecommerce website.

Keep it simple.

Have as many pictures of your product as you can.

Have all the information about your product that a potential customer needs.

Make buying your product online easy.

The simple answer to online shopping is: if you have a product – you really need an ecommerce website.…