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Tile Maintenance

Limestone, a kind of white or grey stone derived from substances which have been left by water, wind or ice and pressed together through time, contains calcium. Due to its attractiveness and dynamic nature, limestone has always been a popular stone used in the building industry across the world.
Limestone tiles are very durable because they are very thick and dense. That is why they are suitable for almost any use: kitchens, walls and floors. They are also welcome to almost any bathroom tiling project, owing to their permeability to water or air.
Honed or polished, limestone has the tendency to offer a peaceful and warm feel to any setting, due to its natural pastel shades. It is to be mentioned that people are definitely pleased with both the quality and consistency of the shading, which is why they encourage others to trust it when in need of stone.
Many people think that since limestone is thick it is impossible to be damaged. Wrong! Even limestone has lots of potential weaknesses. That is why, in order to preserve its first class beauty, limestone requires proper protection and maintenance.
Sealing of the stone is the first step in stone tile maintenance. The best type of sealer to be used is determined by taking into account the surface preparation (natural, honed, polished) together with the density and porosity of the stone, and of course the budget available. There are some basic useful tile maintenance tips. For instance, provide all entryways to your home with door mats or rugs which will keep dirt, sand or grit away of your tile. Indeed a key point in ensuring that your flooring tiles continue to look fresh! For the same reason it is good to be in the habit of regularly sweeping or mopping your tile. Always use appropriate cleaners, avoiding ones based on either soap or vinegar. It is not recommended to use abrasive cleaners or rough scrub brushes for your tile.
Experts encourage householders to order some extra tiles from the very beginning and to save the leftovers after installation, as some of the most important steps in order to have long-lasting and uniform tile. Keep in mind that in case of having to replace chipped or damaged tiles in the future it will be difficult to get the perfect match, because the process of making tiles involves firings that vary in color and texture. So be wise and store a batch of original tiles for possible later repairs.
Regardless of the hue preferred by the buyer, from creamy to subtle beige, from bluish to grey or fantastic silver, these few pieces of advice, when strictly followed, can keep your tiles in good health. Thus they can fulfill the inner purpose originally assigned: to create an overall comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.…