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Graco Play Yard – Could it Be a Parents Best Friend?

No Mom wants to be a “playpen Mom.” Every woman insists that she will not be one of those mothers that simply plops her baby (or toddler) into a play yard when she wants to get things done. It is true that there have been many inventions showing up in recent years that make it easier to keep your baby with you while you do things. Who hasn’t seen a parent packing their infant around in what looks like a backpack built for babies? But those inventions are not always helpful: what if you want to do some cooking? What if you want to take five minutes to take a shower? Enter: The Graco Play Yard.
These play yards by Graco are a great invention for Moms and Dads who feel guilty about using a playpen. They are hardly fenced in cages meant to keep your baby in a small area. These are play-fests.
These baby play pens can play music, vibrate on a number of frequencies and have built-in toys to play with: mobiles and sliding toys and different textures sewn into the walls. Almost makes parents want to hang out in one of these if they came in adult sizes!
There is nothing wrong with giving your baby some play pen time once in a while, and a Graco play yard is one of the more respected brands. Instead of worrying about “ignoring” your baby, you’ll probably spend more time worrying about your baby “ignoring” you.
These play pens were meant to keep babies entertained and stimulated, which can offer Mom and Dad some much needed time to get things done, things that don’t go well when you have a baby strapped to your chest (like showering).…