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Give More Greeting Cards To Family and Friends

A decade ago, we used to give greeting cards at different occasions like Birthdays, New Year, Christmas and many other occasions. Buying cards and then giving them was a very good tradition and was exciting as well because we use to get exciting cards of different designs and colors. Some of us even make them ourselves to give personalized touch. And these were the best for teachers, parents, friends and colleagues.
But as technology is evolving and our life style is changing, we are forgetting some of our good traditions as well. We do give cards today to our family and friends but now we prefer to send E-cards rather than traditional greeting cards. We prefer E-cards because they are free,and it takes less time to send them.
We do send E-cards but are they as effective as the traditional greeting cards were? As a matter of fact, E-cards are not effective at all; these involve fewer emotions as compared to the traditional real cards, as we spend less time and effort in selecting E-cards for our family and friends, so they seldom touch their hearts. And E-cards can be deleted very easily, thus losing effectiveness.
It is a very good tradition and we should keep this alive. For example, this is your birthday and you have invited your friends at home but two of your friends are abroad and can’t come to your birthday party, they both remember your birthday, one friend has send you an E-card which you will not know about unless you check your email box. But the other friend has posted you a specialized birthday card and it has reached your house at your birthday. Which friend will you respect more? Obviously the one; who have sent you greeting card through post.
Handmade greeting cards are most effective, but very few people can make beautiful cards themselves, it needs talent and art sense which very few people can do. So for those who cannot make exciting greeting cards themselves, there are ready-made cards available in market and there are exclusive shops as well.
But if you don’t want to go to market to purchase a card then you can buy it online, there are many online shopping sites that provide services of delivering what ever card you want to send. All you have to do is select one card and add the name of person you want to send this along with the address and your personal message and this will reach his/her door at the date you want to send the card.
We use internet to send E-cards so we can use it to send real greeting cards as well. So rather than just sending E-cards; send real cards to your family and friends to gain their love.…