Shopping Tips For LCD Projectors

Shopping Tips For LCD Projectors

An LCD projector can be a great addition to any business, home, or classroom. Thanks to more advanced technology that becomes cheaper every day you can have one of these high quality display units wherever you need it.

In order for you find a projectors that fits your needs properly you need to be aware of some commonly used terms when it comes to projectors.

One of the first terms you should be aware of is called brightness. The brightness of a projector is measured in a unit called lumens. Generally anything over 1000 2000 lumens is good for a dark room, but if you’re going to be using the projector in a lighted room you may want to only stick with projectors over 2000 lumens.

The contrast ratio is another term you should also be aware of. The contrast ratio is simply the ratio between the darkest and brightest areas of the projected image. While most very between 500:1 to 2000:1, some very advanced ones may even have contrast ratios of 200,000:1.

Another nice feature that you should be aware of is called Keystone correction. This is the ability to place the machine almost anywhere in the room and shine it towards the screen at almost any angle and the projector is able to correct for any image distortion, which allows you much more flexibility.

The connectivity of the machine is vital as well. The connectivity of the machine simply means how are you going to connect it to the media device. Are you going to be using a computer , a USB key, or some other media source?

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