Home Shopping Direct From the US

Did you know that you can get your home shopping directly delivered to your door straight from the USA to most places around the globe?
Many online shopping sites in the U.S will only ship within the United states which makes it hard for global shoppers to get the unique and special items supplied by Uncle Sam. As you can imagine how deflating it was the first time I’d set my eyes on and excitedly threw a few items into the checkout cart only to find that they would not send items to my country of residence… Disappointed as I was I decided not to give up and hunted around for possible options. To my delight I found a number of Mail forwarding companies that will actually supply foreigners with their own U.S mailing address so that you can order items and get them shipped to your own personal U.S. location, how cool is that?
I’ve looked at a few different U.S mail forwarding companies and come up with a list to help with anyone interested in getting items direct from the U.S. has a pay per use option which has a $5 sign up fee and offers 25% off international shipping rates. They also have a $15/month subscription that offers 50% off international shipping rates, mail scanning, personal shopper and consolidation services.
‘s value service is for $10/month or $100/year offering free account setup, free online tracking and free storage for 1 month. They also have a premium service for $15/month or $150/year which offers additional options for online access.
has a sign up fee of $49.95 for 3 months and $9.95 thereafter. This offers a U.S address, U.S fax number, online manager, unlimited forwarding address book, free storage for 45 days, consolidation and you can have up to 3 business names on your account. have varying sign up fees depending on your global location and average out at $15. Their subscription fees vary also and range from free to $99/month with 4 subscription types. These subscriptions all offer real time shipment tracking, document scanning, shipment insurance, consolidation and repackaging.
has 3 subscription types. Standard has a $10 sign up fee and is free thereafter and charges a personal shopper fee of 5-10%. Premium has a $20 sign up fee at $7/month, charges 3-6% for personal shopping and offers consolidation. There is an additional subscription type that handles mail as well for $35 to sign up at $25/month As you can see the pricing and subscription options vary considerably between mail forwarding companies so it would pay to do a bit of homework to see which company will suit your needs and budget.
At the end of the day, buying direct from the USA has huge benefits for many reasons and mail forwarding has made it possible to get U.S. home shopping direct delivered around the world.

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