Five Big Tips to Save More on Grocery Shopping

Five Big Tips to Save More on Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping can be fun if you use these helpful hints and ideas to lighten your load but not your wallet.

[1] Clean the refrigerator out before shopping. Look closely at the food you already have. If the fresh produce is past using in a salad, plan a meal using it in a cooking recipe. Ninety-five percent of wilted produce can be used in stock, stews or a sauce. Don’t waste it, use it!

[2] Plan your meals around the weekly sales in your local stores. If you had steak on your list but chicken is on sale for half price, buy the chicken. Anytime you see something you use weekly and it’s on sale, buy as much as your money and freezer will hold. Even fresh produce will freeze for cooking later.

[3] Inventory your can and box goods. You do not want to end up as I did once, with 4 yellow cake mixes and 6 cans of corn, when your favorite cake is chocolate and you want peas for dinner. Keep a running list of onhands from your pantry. That way you aren’t buying the same thing over and over and doing without on others.

[4] Make a grocery list, not only of the items but their prices too. That way you will know if it’s the same one you saw in their ad or a higher priced one. It also allows you to check their prices as they are being scanned. Scanning mistakes happen daily, just don’t let it happen to you.

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[5] Do not buy non-food items at the grocery store. Things like shampoo, diapers, lotions and over the counter medications always cost more at the grocery stores. Save on those items at your local dollar store.

Using these five ideas can save money on your grocery costs. If you keep a list of those savings for one month, then look at the total, I’m sure you will be as surprised as I was. I’m putting my savings into an account for a trip to see Mickey and his friends. Will I see you there?