A Little Black Dress Takes You Everywhere

A Little Black Dress Takes You Everywhere

Coco Chanel is said to have invented the idea of a little black dress. Whether that is true or not, each decade produces enough homage to the concept that it has become synonymous with chic. Before Madame Chanel however, dresses were hardly little.

At the end of the Victorian age, dresses were frilly, heavy, fussy and stiff. It took much corseting to stand upright in one of these confabulations. Chanel, a visionary, removed all that from the wardrobes of women, eschewing complicated patterns and weaves for simple jersey.

The fashion world now refers to it as the LBD. It was Audrey Hepburn in a certain movie set in New York who made it chic. It was called a cocktail dress to distinguish it from evening wear or day dresses. Black was no longer for funerals but instead hit the party circuit with elan.

During the flower power years, it went out of fashion. Flowing fabric, bright colors and longer lengths were the style. By the eighties, black was back, the dominating hue for fashion. It ruled for at least two decades. We are just now seeing a return to color and prints.

The LBD is an essential in the closet of most women today. Even if you take little notice of fashion or its dictates, you need to own a LBD. There will come a time when you must shed the cargoes or the jeans and attend a funeral, a class reunion, or a job interview. At that time, it will be waiting patiently in your closet, ready to dazzle.

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Do not settle for anything less than absolute perfection when it come to fit. If this is to be your only dress, make it sublime. If you are one of those rare creatures who hates shopping, that is all the more reason to seek out the one frock that will help you through any important event on your calendar. Do not leave it to an emergency run after work.

When you have to make a good impression, do not discount the LBD. Lost boyfriends, old enemies or new conquests, this is where your good taste will pay in dividends. Purchase the best dress you can afford. It will serve you well for years. Make it a good one.

When traveling, your LBD is a must. No matter if your trip is more about hiking or outdoor pursuits, there will come days when you go to a fine restaurant, take in a concert or a museum or a party. With the perfect, hopefully wrinkle-free LBD in your suitcase, you will be prepared to make the scene with style. This is no time to underwhelm.

As a woman who loves to shop, your wardrobe probably contains several LBDs. You need only concern yourself with their style and repair. Check to make sure the length is still working, the fabric in good shape and the fit perfect on each one.

A little black dress has more significance than you might think. Do not slight this wardrobe essential. It will bestow upon you simplicity and elegance. It is not even necessary to mention that it will make you look fit and trim. You can dress it up with jewelry, heels and accessories. Tone it down with flats and minimal fuss. This is one item of apparel that fashion dictates; and practicality concurs.

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