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Will Television Change the Shopping Habits of Viewers?

In the beginning, most Americans lived in close proximity to one another in small towns that would one day become cities. While many of those early Americans were self-sufficient, others relied on purchases to meet their needs, especially for food and dry goods, such as material for clothing and bedding, footwear, perhaps tobacco products and other items. These people became consumers while some of their neighbors became retailers and sold them the products they needed and wanted.
That dynamic remained constant for about 170 years until the end of World War II. Returning soldiers moved their young families away from the cities where they had lived to the suburbs where they could buy and live in their own homes. These areas were spread out so that the new residents could no longer walk over to the neighborhood store to buy groceries or other items for the home. They had to drive to buy supplies and that led to the development of strip malls – groups of stores in modest-sized lots that also conveniently included parking spaces.
It is no secret that the strip mall evolved into the mega-mall, an enclosed giant shopping area with hundreds of stores offering a wide array of products and services – everything from food and furniture to electronics and home furnishings… and more. Restaurants, movie theaters and arcades added to the shopping experience. It was, and still is, more convenient than shopping at strip malls because it gives the shopper access to more products and services.
And yet, another shopping improvement is now taking shape. It is the one that has become available to people who choose to make purchases directly from their televisions. Networks such as the Home Shopping Network and others, plus special channels (made available to many subscribers by some programming providers) have made it easier than ever to buy a broad range of products and services – without leaving home.
It’s true. TV viewers/consumers – like you – can view new and used cars… homes for sale or rent… “large ticket” merchandise like electronics and kitchen appliances – directly from the easy chair in your own living room. And, while you may not want to buy a new home simply on the basis of seeing it on your TV screen, it definitely eliminates the bother of traveling to the home to see it in person. Now, you can make that trip only if you like what you’ve seen – in advance – on your TV screen. The same is true, of course, for automobile purchases.
Clearly, the future for shoppers is now. Will it ultimately lead to the demise of strip and enclosed malls? Perhaps, but it’s important to note that people still like to leave their homes… spend time browsing as well as shopping and enjoy “a day out” as they interact with others.
So… chances are that, while “home shopping” may grow in popularity, it will probably never completely eliminate the “live and in person” shopping experience.
Author: Frank Bilotta…

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A Little Black Dress Takes You Everywhere

A Little Black Dress Takes You Everywhere

Coco Chanel is said to have invented the idea of a little black dress. Whether that is true or not, each decade produces enough homage to the concept that it has become synonymous with chic. Before Madame Chanel however, dresses were hardly little.

At the end of the Victorian age, dresses were frilly, heavy, fussy and stiff. It took much corseting to stand upright in one of these confabulations. Chanel, a visionary, removed all that from the wardrobes of women, eschewing complicated patterns and weaves for simple jersey.

The fashion world now refers to it as the LBD. It was Audrey Hepburn in a certain movie set in New York who made it chic. It was called a cocktail dress to distinguish it from evening wear or day dresses. Black was no longer for funerals but instead hit the party circuit with elan.

During the flower power years, it went out of fashion. Flowing fabric, bright colors and longer lengths were the style. By the eighties, black was back, the dominating hue for fashion. It ruled for at least two decades. We are just now seeing a return to color and prints.

The LBD is an essential in the closet of most women today. Even if you take little notice of fashion or its dictates, you need to own a LBD. There will come a time when you must shed the cargoes or the jeans and attend a funeral, a class reunion, or a job interview. At that time, it will be waiting patiently in your closet, ready to dazzle.

Do not settle for anything less than absolute perfection when it come to fit. If this is to be your only dress, make it sublime. If you are one of those rare creatures who hates shopping, that is all the more reason to seek out the one frock that will help you through any important event on your calendar. Do not leave it to an emergency run after work.

When you have to make a good impression, do not discount the LBD. Lost boyfriends, old enemies or new conquests, this is where your good taste will pay in dividends. Purchase the best dress you can afford. It will serve you well for years. Make it a good one.

When traveling, your LBD is a must. No matter if your trip is more about hiking or outdoor pursuits, there will come days when you go to a fine restaurant, take in a concert or a museum or a party. With the perfect, hopefully wrinkle-free LBD in your suitcase, you will be prepared to make the scene with style. This is no time to underwhelm.

As a woman who loves to shop, your wardrobe probably contains several LBDs. You need only concern yourself with their style and repair. Check to make sure the length is still working, the fabric in good shape and the fit perfect on each one.

A little black dress has more significance than you might think. Do not slight this wardrobe essential. It will bestow upon you simplicity and elegance. It is not even necessary to mention that it will make you look fit and trim. You can dress it up with jewelry, heels and accessories. Tone it down with flats and minimal fuss. This is one item of apparel that fashion dictates; and practicality concurs.…

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Family Christmas Shopping and Gift Ideas

Family Christmas Shopping and Gift Ideas

Christmas approaches and the shopping malls are starting to get busy. When most of us think of Christmas shopping we picture crowded shopping malls, difficulty parking and sales racks in complete disarray, somewhat akin to the Sales. To many people, the disarray and excited scurrying through the bargains on offer adds to the thrill of shopping and treat it as a fun day out.

However to others it can be a nightmare, especially for men. Women seem to cope quite well in the shopping arena but men just want to get in buy their item and get out. This article will offer useful tips for those who are not shopaholics but still wish to complete their Christmas shopping on time.

We all love to give gifts, to our family and loved ones, in the hope that they will be received on time and be appreciated. But finding the right gift for a particular person can be difficult. One of the main sources for gift information is communication with your family, whether local or distant. If you are in contact with your relatives on a regular basis you can discover what their interests are, what their children are into this year and what gifts would be appreciated.

Children are probably the easiest to shop for, children love to receive gifts however large or small. Adults and teenagers however are a little more difficult, mainly because as we get older our interest and tastes change. Moving away from the family area can influence these changes, having partners can also influence change. Living conditions also play a role in this area, whether you live in a house or an apartment makes a difference to what kind of household gift you would like to receive.

In the present climate of gift buying, electronic games and communication devices are high on everybody’s list. Digital cameras for instance are a favourite for children and adults; we all love to take pictures to show our friends. For the avid reader, there are eBooks and eBook readers that store thousands of books and documents, all ready to read in an instant.

Movies and music discs are another favourite gift, especially for teenagers, although communication devices will be top of most teenagers list, if it is the latest model.

There is of course the old and trusted gift certificate, never to be underestimated, gift certificates provide a choice to the recipient, they can accumulate several gift certificates to achieve their long awaited purchase, or they can add to it to buy something they really want. And that, after all, is the aim of of gift buying, to give the receiver what they would buy themselves.

Another consideration when buying gifts for distant relatives is shipping costs; these alone can double the overall cost of the gift. Shipping can be difficult and expensive and can be a tremendous hassle, especially if you are shipping the gift close to Christmas time when post is generally extremely busy.

There is a way to avoid all the hustle and bustle of Christmas Shopping malls and that is to shop online. There are some things you must be aware of before shopping on the internet, one of which is security especially your bank details.

When making your purchase online, I believe, it is better to use a credit card than your bank debit card. There are many unscrupulous people online, who are continually looking for other people’s bank details, especially during the busy Christmas shopping period. If you see an unbelievable bargain, be wary, it could be a scam. However if you are aware of the pitfalls and you use a reputable retailer you should have no problem.

Another benefit of using a reputable retailer is the shipping. Many good online retailers will have reasonable shipping charges and in some cases will ship free of charge, depending on the distance of course. But do remember to check the shipping times and shop early so as to avoid postal delays.…

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Ecommerce Websites – Your ‘Open All Hours’ Online Shop

Many companies have now realised the importance of having an ecommerce website to promote their products online. Even if you have a ‘physical’ shop on the high street or in your local town, an ecommerce website gives you an extra place to sell your products, without having to pay rent, rates or for numerous staff to manage and run it. An ecommerce site provides an extra stream of revenue for you to grow your profits and allows thousands of more people to visit your shop and buy your products.
An ecommerce site means that you have unlimited access to a potentially captive audience – there are thousands of searchers out there, constantly browsing for products like yours. The addition of a little clever marketing can help to guide those searchers towards your online shop front, enabling you to realise the true potential of your ecommerce website.
The Value Of Ecommerce
A good ecommerce site provides a unique selling platform – advertising your products to the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your ecommerce online shop means that you can be constantly available to your target audience – an ecommerce presence on the web means that you’ll never need to turn a customer away again, because your ‘shop doors’ are always open.
An online shop also offers your customers the chance to buy from the comfort of their own home and at their convenience – they can add items to their basket and review it later on, or make an immediate purchase at any time of the day or night. Your ecommerce website will calculate their postage and shipping costs and allow you to take secure payment over the internet. Transactions are quick and easy with ecommerce, with no queuing or carrying heavy baskets around – you can see why using an ecommerce site online is a preferred method of shopping for many people.
Ecommerce Website
An ecommerce site with an integrated content management system means that you can update your online catalogue and promote special offers all at the touch of a button. Your ecommerce website isn’t just an online shop, but also a valuable administration and warehouse tool, where you can control stock, manage your prices and communicate with your clients.
You can ask your online shop designer to include various different functions on your site. You can have a page for featured products, reviews, testimonials or even a news section to keep visitors up to date with events in your business.
Whatever products you sell, an ecommerce website is the ideal way to build new business and offer your products to a wider market.…

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Shopping and Shopping Malls in Thailand

Shopping and Shopping Malls in Thailand

Ideal shopping opportunities and bargains throughout Thailand are among the many reasons for which you want to visit the country. In fact, in Thailand you will get some of the best shopping opportunities in Asia. Whether you want to buy the traditional Thai handicrafts, gemstones, gold, jewelry or clothes, Thailand has something for everyone.

Good buys include leather goods, silver, gold, precious stones, pearls, masks, pewter ware, dolls, painted umbrellas, bamboo and wood artifacts, and so on. Tailor-made clothes can be a good buy for you and these can be made in a matter of days, yet the standard of the clothes is very high. Duty free shops are located throughout Thailand and items can be delivered to the airport in the time of your departure flight. If you find and purchase products with the labels like ‘VAT Refund for Tourists’ then 7 percent VAT will be refunded. You need to show your passport at the time of your purchase and fill the VAT Refund Application forms for the Tourists. Like many other countries, bargaining is acceptable in Thailand but it is more common in street markets than in large shopping malls.

Thailand has more than enough shopping malls to suit all kinds of budgets and lifestyles. For the best shopping experiences, in terms of diversity of products, easy to get to location and overall satisfaction you can visit the shopping malls of Thailand.

Siam Paragon, one of the largest shopping malls in South East Asia has over 250 world class and local brand names in one single place. Siam Paragon is a 15 billion baht project which you can visit as department store, supermarket and entertainment center.

The MBK Centre is enormous 8-storey mall, which was opened in 1985, provides more than two thousand stores and services, over a hundred restaurants and a large cinema complex.

Thailand’s very own Champs Elys’e is the Gaysorn Plaza which you can visit for one-stop luxury shopping. It is the home for international high-end brands, representing the excellence of life.

The Pantip Plaza, located on New Phetchaburi Road in Ratchathewi district, is an indoor shopping mall for hardware and software products. Many argue that the main reason behind the success and unsavory reputation of the mall is the sale of pirated software and DVDs.

Situated at the heart of Sukhumvit Road, the Emporium is the first deluxe fashion shopping complex of Thailand. You will find the finest quality goods of world class brands and exclusive and colorful Thai handicrafts in a warm and hassle-free environment. You can also visit River City Shopping Complex which is on the historic River of kings for all the varieties of Thai art and culture.

Shopping in Thailand is an experience that would delight all type of shoppers, either serious buyers or casual ones. Thailand has all kinds of malls where you can buy a lot of things. You will be impressed in Thailand by the sky high air conditioned shopping malls and the hustle and bustle of the legendary vibrant street markets.…

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Fashion Designing May Design Your Future

Fashion designing is a huge industry that encompasses a range of fashion trends including men wear, women wear, teen fashion wear, and fashion accessories like sunglasses, footwear, hair accessories, jewelry, and handbags.
The industry is greatly influenced by the music world, film industry, cultural icons, and political figures. Whatever comes in fashion is the style and trend that the common man emulates from known artists and popular figures. The trend keeps on changing with the changing trends in movies, books, and music. The only thing that stays constant in the fashion world is change.
In the present world more and more people are attracted towards the fashion world and many are rising higher and higher with a degree in fashion designing. This degree can really help make a successful career if you have the art of creation and a passion for fashion. Creativity is most crucial in pushing up your designing career as it is all about innovations and imaginations.
If you are confident of your creative skills, then you can creatively design your own future with success and fame. You can start your journey towards a successful career with a good fashion institute that will help canalize your creative skills. It will help you transform your imaginative ideas and creation on paper and then eventually into a designer wear.
Being a fashion designer you get the power to define an individual’s personality. Everyone wants to look good and cheerful. It’s the job of a fashion designer to give the perfect outfit to an individual that suits his or her body type, personality, and taste. The outfit and accessories a designer chooses for his or her client defines the client’s personality and the sense of individuality.
It takes a lot of dynamism, hard work, dedication, and excitement to get success in this field. You need to have that talent and vision to define anyone’s personality and inner being. You should have an inherent capability of combining tones and shades to the right textile or fabric. You should also be updated with the changing trends of fashion world depending on the taste of youth and the demand of the market.
Fashion designing in India is gradually expanding its horizon with new hopes and expectations. Some of the known Indian fashion designers who have carved their own niche in the market are Ritu Kumar, Ritu Beri, Manish Malhotra, Tommy Hilfiger, Hemant Trivedi, Rohit Bal, and Deepika Govind.
Today, fashion designers have widened the designing field from simple attire to designer wear. He or she produces a huge collection of different types of clothing and further accentuate these with an assortment of embellishments. With talent and ambition, the designer can then win the race in this highly competitive fashion industry.…